Guidelines and protocol for members

Welcome to 21 Gratitudes - The Movement Medicine Study Hub. We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to join us in creating this global community of movers and shakers. Below are a few simple guidelines to help us create a safe, supportive and respectful container for our work together. Please take the time to read through them and notice how they land in you. Each of us have a very important role to play within this community and the way we each engage within these digital realms has an impact on the health of the whole. 

If you have an issue of any kind, please get in touch right away, we are here to support you!


  1. SELF CARE: The first aspect of this is self-care. In line with our terms and conditions, you will need to ensure that you go at your own pace and take your own time. Don’t push yourself to go further or faster than you can happily manage. On the most fundamental level, that means taking care of your own body. Please make sure you have watched and taken in the information in the “Safety First!” video.
  2. CONFIDENTIALITY: The next aspect of this is about creating a safe and supportive community container for everyone. We ask that you commit to full confidentiality for all that is shared within small groups and comment areas. 
  3. RESPECT: In responding to others, please be mindful of the importance of deep listening, self responsibility, kindness and appreciation.
  4. KINDNESS: Please use the messaging and comment areas as a place to share from your own direct experience, and not, should they arise, your judgements or criticisms of others. We ask that you refer to other people respectfully, whether or not they are members of the Study Hub. We ask that you refer to other practices respectfully. Use of foul language, aggressive behaviour or condemning language towards others will not be tolerated. 
  5. COPYRIGHT: Please do not share or copy any of the Study Hub’s content with non-members. 
  6. PROMOTING YOUR OWN EVENTS: The messaging system within the Study Hub is not for sharing promotional materials. If you are sent promotional material from another member, please let us know immediately.
  7. THIS DOES NOT CERTIFY YOU TO FACILITATE FOR OTHERS: Membership of the study hub or participation in any of the online events we offer is for personal growth, awareness and empowerment only. None of the work offered constitutes a training to offer Movement Medicine to others or to hold space for others in any way.

Please note that we reserve the right to terminate your membership if we find you to be in breach of the above guidelines and protocols. If there is a problem, normally you will be given an initial warning. If the difficulty persists, then your membership will be terminated.

We look forward to co-creating this beautiful commmunity with you. You are important to us and we will be listening. This hub is for you. We will do our best to respond to you when you have something to say, but cannot promise that this will always be instant. Please do your best to help us by giving us feedback and suggestions in the most positive way you can! 

Together, we will build the vibration of this hub! Thank you!

With love & 21 Gratitudes,
Susannah & Ya’Acov Darling Khan & the 21G Team

Please note that we reserve the right to make change to these guidelines at any time without prior notice.
Last modification was made 9 April 2020.